Side Body Black Ink Flower Tattoo Design

New Black and Grey Tattoo Pictures - Sexy Tattoo
Side Body Black Ink Flower Tattoo Design
Side Body Black Ink Flower Tattoo Design
Black Ink Flower Tattoo design on sexy Girls Side body


There's something really the matter with most people who wear tattoos, he says. I know from experience there's something terribly flawed about people who are tattooed above the little something Johnny had done in the Navy, even though that's also a bad sign. (Truman Capote, author of In Cold Blood, interviewed more than one hundred killers over a period of ten years and says eighty percent of them have one thing in common: Tattoos)

The Greek philosopher Bion of Borysthenes (circa 300 B.C.) described the brutally tattooed face of his father, a former slave, as "a narrative of his master's harshness."

The universality of tattooing is a curious subject for speculation.
~James Cook, 1779

May I be forever grateful that at times, I did not receive that which I truly deserved.

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